Tuesday, 12 September 2017

New 3d prints are looking good... you might see some of these at Targe in Nov...
And we might bring a Mortar....just to look good....
Printed some oil drums...
Check out the engineer on the famo fixing the engine...with a large spanner lol...

Sunday, 13 August 2017

STOP PRESS ..the hogs are going back to Targe wargame show in November...see you there...

Sunday, 30 July 2017

3d printed 28mm german kit.

Some new pics...3d printed oil drums

And some..us kit
155mm  and carrier.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Jus got a German  Morser 3d print in 28mm...
And also a nice little... famo! To pull it along... I put a guy in pic for scale.

Friday, 2 June 2017

The WARHOGS ARE COMING...Preparing for the the next big show at Falkirk , Carronade next month....just getting on track. Well 18ft on track really...get ready for a big game...
Lots still to do...
it's Essen ! Why not come along and  say hello.

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Essen - Carronade 2017 Part 2

There are loads of photo's because well ...I couldn't pick the best...LOL
Enjoy...and a short video.
This is our runner up trophy (and Pak44)...and the photos below are how we did it...

This corner ruin (pictured  above) is all scratch built to fit the shape of the other Sarrisa Precision houses. Wallpaper, chairs etc. are added for detail.
The ruins inside the large tenements are blue foam covered in sand and mdf. These are not fixed to allow removal for figure placement. Even the bought mdf houses needed to be engraved with bricks at the exploded sections and the pavements added (engraved foam board).
 Our large Krupp factory in the centre above pic.

 Americans move forward slowly.
 Some get hit by mortar fire.

Germans move across the track.
 American mortars fire back a PzG's on the track.
 A rail crossing is the point to cross, Germans rush to prepared defenses.
Chimneys (pipes and brick paper scaled to 28mm) were added for height accuracy to the industrial buildings. The chimneys  were stabilized with custom built weighted holders.

GI,s  stick close to the walls...
 A PAK 44 is waiting...
 3D printed by Paul (see pak 44 post earlier)
 A good overhead shot of the board.
The motor takes out more GIs.

 Germans again push forward across the tracks. The Sarrisa coach and track is mdf.
 Panther stops a half track... without using the brakes ! LOL
GI's set up a motor and unleash on the enemy.
 Re-enforcements push towards the crossing.

 Bang ! Bang Bang... Guys in green are taking a few hits...
Panther takes control...and dice rolls for the US are not good.

 Some body get that panther.
 The GI thinks about going down the street...

Picture below... Yes...a hit on the panther.
 Anyone got a bazooka handy to finish them off.
US armour get ready for final push.

 Awe no... big cats on the prowl.

Is that a panzerfaust in that signal box!

 More GI's appear.
Tables and chairs add detail to the ruined houses.
 Armour uses the buildings as cover.

I liked the vintage posters...
 and a trophy is gained.